Claim authorship, safeguard your digital creations and establish secure license agreements. Point Image


Our advanced micromarking technology embeds an invisible, unique digital ID into each piece of artwork. This micromark helps trace back your creations to you and helps prevent unauthorised use. Through the robust micromark, your content can be identified even if they are tampered with or used without your consent. Point Image

Digital Link

Thanks to the micromark, anyone can scan your digital artwork with our Yuifinder tool to be directed to the authorship record and its details in Yuify. Manage everything you want to share about your artwork directly within Wacom Yuify. Convey your story and motivations to others, make a lasting impression. Point Image

Simplified Licensing

Create and manage licenses effortlessly, set terms and permissions for your work, and facilitate secure collaborations with confidence. Yuify streamlines the process of licensing and managing usage rights. You can now effortlessly sign licenses with other artists and clients with whom you want to share and collaborate with on your digital content, directly through the Yuify service application.

* We're sorry but, Yuify Licensing is only available in selected regions and may require additional agreements for specific cases not covered by the License Builder.

Applications with Yuify

Wacom Yuify works directly within essential creative software applications to ensure that we secure your authorship from the point of creation. We consistently expand this network of partners by integrating features directly into software updates or by offering customized plug-ins.

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Discover projects and issue licenses with Yuifinder!

Scan a web-published image file into our Yuifinder tool. If the export file is micromarked, it will instantly open a website displaying crucial artwork details, including your authorship record, license preferences, and motivations. Yuifinder is public, allowing everyone (also clients) to utilize it without the need for sign ups. Discover and be discovered. As easy as it sounds.


Мicromarked images

Select and scan an image with the Yuifinder to reveal the author's business contacts and profile.


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Maximum filesize: 50 MB.
Files supported: PNG, JPG.

Yuifinder Image
Author namee. g. John SmithDIDcri:943540e8-…-c1cb9f9e1252Software usede.g. Adobe PhotoshopDescription

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Seamless integration and smooth workflow


Export using your Creative Software: When creating a .jpeg or .png for your content that you want to share, simply use the Yuify feature in your creative software. Yuify secures your artwork and embeds a micromark directly from the application and comes integrated in your creative application- either directly as a feature or through a plug-in.


Create Projects: Log in to Yuify web application and link your secured artworks to projects. Add your contact details, creative motivations, and more information that you wish fellow artists or prospective clients to discover when scanning your exported image with Yuifinder. You can always update your Yuify project as your artwork evolves.


Manage Licenses: Yuify provides a license builder that enables you to create legally binding agreements with your terms of usage and payments using simple steps. You can request other artists and clients to sign these agreements directly on Yuify and ensure secure records of your agreements.

* We're sorry but, Yuify Licensing is only available in selected regions and may require additional agreements for specific cases not covered by the License Builder.